Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Hearts For You!

Wonderfulness keep piling up; this little baby blog has brought so much positive energy into my life already I think I'm going to have to figure out some way to pay it forward.  So many of you are coming by to check out my artwork and even returning!  Then there's the wonderful people that manage to make the time to send me a comment and give a little feedback; wow!  To think that people I haven't met are willing to invest their sensibilities and start a conversation... It is truly humbling and I thank you all.

Today's HUGE HAPPINESS is a pretty big item.  The very talented LeAnn Weih over at her Summers Studio blog makes exquisite ceramic pendants, etc. for jewellery makers to use in their designs.  Well, it turns out she's into Zentangles also and happened by to see my "Monday Night at the Emerg" post.  As an artist she zoned right in on the floral tangle and has turned it into something very, VERY special and beautiful.  Then she asked my permission to post her pendant, mentioning and linking to my post for her inspiration!  I love people with ethics!!!  Even better, I love seeing art spawn yet more art!  And she has done exactly as promised and her post today makes me feel even more honoured than I already did.  She has shared a sense of her creative processing and development, as well as the final result.  It's a real treat to see how someone else works their way towards their art (ps - she'll let you in on a few secrets from my own resume!).  Take some time to check out her work; it will be worth it, I promise!

I somehow missed mentioning Valentine's Day in yesterday's post, folks - my apologies, but I've been divorced nearly as long as I was married, so it's not a high-priority holiday for me.  On the other hand, I do want to send you lots of love as a tiny payback for what you've shown me, so I sat down tonight to draw you a valentine.  This Hearts For You!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Life is full of surprises and lovely friendships from across the world!

  2. I always enjoy reading your blog just as much as I love seeing your latest artwork. I think we're kindred spirits, because as I read, I find myself nodding and thinking, "Oh, yes - that's it exactly!" And thank you for sharing LeAnn's beautiful jewellery designs. I've just visited her blog and very much enjoyed reading through her process (jewellery making being a completely foreign artistic realm for me!). Namaste and sending thoughts of love and happiness back your way too! xxoo

  3. Reading your blog is always a treat - visually and philosophically, besides which your writing is well-crafted. Thanks for sharing the notes about LeAnn's art - her blog and Etsy Shop offerings are charming.

    The thing about all this art we are doing, no matter the medium, is that we are beautifying the world - erasing the 'ugly' with our pens, pencils, paints and polymer one caring line, dab, or stroke at a time. That we create friendships, sharing and positive energy at the same time is the power of love........


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