Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Double Strung - REDUX

Gee, I'm having a lot of fun revisiting previous challenges from the Diva (http://iamthedivaczt.blogspot.com/).  Today I played with the double-string concept again.  I made this voluptuous, twisting string and got stuck.  I liked the string, but what to do with it?  Since my imagination tends to follow a bent (not TWISTED, just BENT! *G*) path, I decided to fill in the spaces with only grid-based patterns.  Then I took yet another bend in the path and decided that all the grid patterns also had to be CURVY (see what I mean? okay, maybe twisted is possible...).  Once I was happy with this, the "ribbons" formed by the string needed to be filled.  This time I decided that only lines could be used.  Not only that, but STRAIGHT lines to fill the CURVY ribbons (yes, twisted is showing real possibility here....).  When these were completed the overall design felt a bit like a roller coaster, but somehow lacked life.  Life?  Let there be life!  I "grew" some lovely vines from the indentations of the form and voila!  I finally liked it.  In fact, I liked it a lot - do you?
Happy Tuesday!


  1. oH, YES, I like it very much. I like the way you have curvey and straight lines play off one another.

  2. Oh, I not just like it – I love it!!!
    I often have the same 'thoughts' (mostly felt then thought) of how to fill spaces…

    (And btw: I reserved my ATC 'Out of The Blue' for you ;-) .)

  3. I like it a lot!

    Sorry about your bad weather. I'll bet it's beautiful looking out the window, though.


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