Zentangle® Glossary

Pencil line that connects dots and forms a container for your string.

Certified Zentangle Teacher - one who has been trained by the founders of Zentangle, Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts.  CZTs are accredited by them personally to teach this artform and may resell most Zentangle products.

Marks used in creating a border.

This term was created by b-Rad, the husband of Laura Harms, CZT (best known in the Zentangle community as The Diva and beloved for her weekly challenges); it was coined in March 2011to describe a  Zentangle or ZIA using only one singular tangle for the design; the tangle may be used in its "pure" form or in tangleations.

Pencil pathway drawn within / over your bordered area to define areas to tangle; intended as a suggestion, not a requirement.

A predetermined pattern created by a few repetitive, deliberate strokes, normally in pen.

A rendition of a tangle pattern that remains recognizable but contains variation of line, fill or other elements that differ from the usual norm.

3.5 inch square of 100% cotton, acid-free, high quality art paper.

Overlapping shapes where the main bodies are filled with tangles, then the overlapping segments contain a combination of the contributing main body tangles.  Example - Circle 1 overlaps Circle 2 making Segment 3; Circle 1 is filled with a specific tangle, Circle 2 is filled with a different specific tangle and Segment 3 is filled with a pattern incorporating elements from both Circle1 and Circle 2. Invented March 2011 by ptrish40.

There are two different artworks that are called Zendalas within the Zentangle community.  These are:
a) A circle filled with tangles, done without a symmetrical string and / or
b) A circle of radiating strings that are filled with tangles.

Zentangle is an easy to learn method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns.  It is traditionally on a 3.5 inch tile, is non-representational and without defined orientation.

Zentangle Inspired Art
Creations using Zentangle's method using alternate media, and surfaces which may be representative.

An acronym for Zentangle Inspired Art.