Friday, 22 July 2011

I've Been Pinned!

Wow!  I was just surfing around and guess what?  I've been pinned!  Pinterest is a sort of community bulletin board where people "pin" shots found around the web of things that catch their eye.  While the photo is from the official blog (credited, naturally!) and misidentified as a BELT rather than a CUFF, it's my bead embroidered cuff they show!  And it's been RE-pinned three times!  How exciting to think that people are looking so closely at the Zentangle blog and being so open to the art form expressed in various media...great times we live in, 'eh?

Check it out here.

Also, another initial installment - I present the one done for another friend, BL:

Happy Friday!


The air in my office is broken and it was so hot (my thermometer registered a shade under 90 degrees Fahrenheit!) that a) my computer died and b) I was fairly par-boiled, myself!  When I got home to the relative cool of a basement room, I stretched out to cool off and just woke up this morning!  So, my apologies for "missing" my Thursday posting.

I had it all lined up to share, so here are the initials of another buddy, SB - whaddya think?

I hope it WAS a Happy Thursday! ;-)

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Initialize a Buddy!

Quite some time ago (a year? or so?) I was first playing with initials and tangles.  In fact, it was flipping through my "fun stuff" sketchbook, a gift from my friend Ruth, that inspired last week's challenge stand-in for our Diva.  All this time later and I still haven't found a string for one good buddy - whose name is an awkward three initials - but at the time I did do several for other friends (with the more common single surnames!).  I thought you might like to see one, so I present to you RH:

Happy Wednesday (and don't melt)!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Revisiting Fairyland

Well, Southern Ontario is starting to feel a bit more akin to Southern Sudan as far as temperature goes!  It's really, REALLY hot!  You know how people prepare for 100 year scenarios - such as 100 year flood level, 100 year rains, 100 year gale, etc?  Well, apparently day after tomorrow is to be a 100 year HEAT around here - one of the hottest days recorded in the past century!  Wow!  Makes me want to peel my skin off to cool down [insert nightmare-inspiring image here] and to think I prefer temps in the mild/moderate range.... *sigh*  50 - 68 degrees Fahrenheit suits me to a "t"!

Thinking that the fairies themselves may need to lighten up and let a bit more air through their bower, I've done Carol's challenge again.  I found myself fancying a wafting, cool breeze lifting the ribbons to let the fairies dance through....

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Welcome to Fairyland

Well, our lovely Diva seems to be enjoying her time with her boys (Artoo's home! 'Yay! *G*) and the clever Carol has filled in with a guest challenge that seems perfectly timed!  I've just spent the better part of two weeks with my seven-year-old Nieceling who happens to LOVE fairies!  She had a fairy-themed birthday party last year.  Her older cousin, the sweet and thoughtful K-kins, is now well-established in the double-digits.  When K-kins was quite young her Gran helped her create a little "fairy garden" at her family cottage in Northern Ontario, which is where my Nieceling spent the past week.  Apparently the generous-hearted K-kins bequeathed her fairy garden to my Nieceling last summer.  She had great joy walking me through it and loving all the wilderness within...

With lovely happy thoughts of sprites and lights, I can offer up this as my challenge response this week (and I THANK GOODNESS I'm home to do it!):

Happy Monday!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Hello Again!

Hello, lovely art people!  I apologize for leaving you alone for so long, especially on the week I was privileged to guest challenge for our fabulous Diva!  Unfortunately a family situation came up that required a quick reboot of my plans and the better part of a week away again.  *sigh* The office will take even LONGER to catch up!  On the other hand, my sister is getting better, her daughter is absolutely delicious and how on earth can you ever regret the opportunity to help the one and enjoy the other? *G*  I am in desperate need of a week of sleep but oh boy!  It was exhaustingly fabulous.  My nieceling demanded plenty of play in the lake, drawing with water on the deck (we had as much fun watching the patterns evaporate as we did making them!) and at least TWO (count 'em, TWO) art projects daily.  My imagination had a great stretch and my body had a great workout.  I'll get myself pulled together and hopefully I'll be able to post by tonight or tomorrow.

BTW, while I was away I went up over 100 followers!  THANK YOU EVERYONE!  I am honoured, surprised, humbled and delighted.  I had plans to do something special to mark this milestone, so I'll try to get it all together and surprise y'all later this week.

Happy Sunday!

Monday, 11 July 2011

I'm Ba-a-a-a-a-a-a-ck!

Hi, people!  I'm back from my "vacation".  I spent a lovely week minding my 7-year-old nieceling and completely draining all my stamina and resources to keep up with her!  What a week!  We discovered a HUMUNGOUS labyrinth someone painted on a dead-end crescent near her home and we walked it every day.  We also found a GINORMOUS parrot that spent each morning on a perch in it's owner's front yard - that bird had to be over two feet tall, not including its tail!  Wow!  And it would say "hello" very nicely, too.  My neiceling and I were both quite enthralled...

As a result of my time away, I didn't have any art to post last week, nor even time to keep up with the wonderful art I know so many people posted - I will get caught up, although it may take some time!  I look forward to checking out what I missed and sharing more art later this week.

In the meantime, I think I can "technically" claim to have done the challenge for the week as I was honoured to provide The Diva's Challenge this week so she could take a short break without interrupting the momentum.  So to see what I've done, go here.

More later! *G*

Happy Monday!