Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Initialize a Buddy!

Quite some time ago (a year? or so?) I was first playing with initials and tangles.  In fact, it was flipping through my "fun stuff" sketchbook, a gift from my friend Ruth, that inspired last week's challenge stand-in for our Diva.  All this time later and I still haven't found a string for one good buddy - whose name is an awkward three initials - but at the time I did do several for other friends (with the more common single surnames!).  I thought you might like to see one, so I present to you RH:

Happy Wednesday (and don't melt)!


  1. I love how this one turned out and how you combined the R and H. Great tangles in this too!

  2. I like the shading in this one. Great R&H combo. We don't melt here, we're just very happy with the third day without rain and a nice temperatures!


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