Tuesday 23 August 2011


Today I decided to do something I rarely do; I used a string that I'd drawn some months ago.  I have a bunch of tiles and pages in my sketchbook with strings on them that wait for lazy days to be used.  Sometimes you just "have" to try a new tangle and oh hey, look, a string that would just suit.  Or other times you feel a need to find that zen zone without the necessity of engaging actual cognition on the path - gee, whaddaya know, a string is right here, waiting for me.  I had occasion to tidy up my work area and whilst doing this task I decided I needed to use this peculiar string.  I have no recollection of drawing it, so I have no idea WHAT I was thinking, but it was definitely an odd one.  For some reason it tickled my fancy and I just had to see what would happen with it. ASSUNTA made another appearance within, as well as PAUW, one of my newly designed favourites I'll draw up for you soon.
Happy Tuesday!

Monday 22 August 2011


A Monday is a challenge all by itself, isn't it?  Just getting back into routine and facing what may not be your choice of activities for the day...yet we do it / them, over and over again.  Interesting that we build our own mazes in which to race our days away...

The fabulous Diva is back with her usual intriguing challenge "de la semaine" - which you'll find here.  This is a new tangle and one I've not used before so it was a little shy today and would only come out and play in one segment of this tile.  Perhaps next time it will feel a bit bolder!

Happy Monday!

Friday 22 July 2011

I've Been Pinned!

Wow!  I was just surfing around and guess what?  I've been pinned!  Pinterest is a sort of community bulletin board where people "pin" shots found around the web of things that catch their eye.  While the photo is from the official Zentangle.com blog (credited, naturally!) and misidentified as a BELT rather than a CUFF, it's my bead embroidered cuff they show!  And it's been RE-pinned three times!  How exciting to think that people are looking so closely at the Zentangle blog and being so open to the art form expressed in various media...great times we live in, 'eh?

Check it out here.

Also, another initial installment - I present the one done for another friend, BL:

Happy Friday!