Sunday, 6 February 2011

Sunday in Colour

Today was fun - all afternoon spent beading and then all evening spent tangling!  In such a great environment I felt the need to bring out the pencil crayons and play a bit in colour.  This is actually a tiny little tangle - it's done on an ATC (2.5 x 3.5 inches).  This made for a challenge - to make an interesting string in such a constrained space, fill it with some pattern without overwhelming the tiny dimensions of the shapes, and then add colour, again without overpowering the entire composition.  I found my brain blanked out (I do have an excuse - I was the teacher this afternoon!), and had my friend, Ruth, give me the name of a tangle and that's what would go in the next open space.  It was actually a really fun way to fill a string.  I made the string and did the artwork, but Ruth chose each pattern.  It was like a collaboration with only one pair of working hands.  Fun!  Do you think it worked?
Happy Sunday!


  1. Christina, a big, loud YES! It works. It works beautifully ;-) . You both created a wonderful rose just beginning to open it´s blossom. And the soft tint is lovely.
    Tangling with a friend is so much more stimulating than using this dice, isn´t it?

    (P.S.: Missing your adress… Did you get my email?)

  2. It's hard to believe this is ATC size, it's so intricate and delicate. I love that the star appears in a subtle manner. The touch of colour adds another dimension of interest.

  3. A resounding Yes, it worked! What a fun project having someone else choose your pattern, what a great idea. Lovely outcome!


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