Saturday, 5 February 2011

A Balloon All To Myself

Today I am answering Sandra Strait's challenge - Tell Your Story, Be Part Of The Art.  When I needed a break this evening, I picked up my Zentangle journal and created a quick, simple string.  I tried to fill the spaces as quickly as I could with the first tangles that came to my mind; not too much forethought or planning.  When done I enjoyed the shading and sat down to consider.  Hmmm - what is it?  What is it telling me?  What memory does it summon or thought provoke?  I am in the unique position of being the middle of four children (older brother, two younger sisters are twins!).  As a child treats were rationed carefully (all the love we could handle, as long as it was free!) and something as silly and short-lived as a helium balloon was seldom seen.  In my mind's eye I can see a young girl in her sixties summer jumper, spinning in the park, eyes to the sky, arms wide, watching her balloon twirl above her - I can feel the warm sun, smell the grass, experience the building dizziness... what do you see in this?
Happy Saturday!


  1. Thank you for sharing your ZT and your thoughts. (This challenge is very special, isn´t it?)

    When I look at this drawing I see a (air) propeller. Each blade is showing a different engergy that keeps us going on. PARADOX in the center becomes a collapsible box which contains these energies, stores them perhaps until needed…
    4 is a material number, representing our world with its four dimensions, the four seasons etc. So this shows something really basic to me. All we need is around us. It evokes a grounded feeling.

    I don´t know whether my frizzy thoughts make any sense to you… *lol*

  2. I see a piramid lightbeam sending pretty images in to the sky.
    Beautiful zentangle

  3. i see good balance,i translate roundness as emotions (rich in emotions) but always connected with the intelect(square).i see a person who always thinks twice and doesn't go with the fload of emotions...still is happy and radiant!that's what i see :)

  4. What a happy tangle this is and the narrative is perfect with it. I'm thinking flowers and a peppermint candy, and the freedoms childhood offers.

    Thanks for your comment about my Zendala, and also email ;-0

  5. I see balloons, but to me Paradox seems like an expandable bag of toys. I think Santa's reindeer are talking of retirement, and this is an experiment using balloons to float Santa and his bag of toys around the world!

  6. I see a unique Merry-go-round. It is a four seater. Two have a place to place your butt but the other two are more risky!

  7. Your zentangle reminds me of the windmills I see from my window. I also see a donut and the first springflowers. But that's maybe because I'm tired of winter!

  8. Great tile :) I see four feathery friends lifting heavy 'Paradox' friend LOL


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