Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sunday ATCs

I seem to have ATCs on the brain since my lovely Italian surprise (thank you, Black Pumpkin!  I don't think you have any idea what you may have started here - heheheee!).  These cards are a mere 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches large; filling them with a string that isn't too intricate for the dainty size, then tangling them in a way that remains visible and pleasing... it takes a bit of consideration to end up with something that suits the constrained space and also pleases aesthetically.  At any rate, I was a bit worn out today so I spoiled myself with an art break and made two new ATCs to trade (Black Pumpkin and Phine, let me know if you like any of the ones posted yet - I know I'll be making more so don't worry if you haven't seen "the one" just yet..!).  I tinted one with pencil crayons and the other with a black pencil crayon.  It's interesting to see the completely different feel that colour or shade gives to a piece.  I really can't decide if I prefer them either way; both techniques have something special to offer.  I'm also really excited because it's only one more week before I take my CZT training.  After that I'll be planning Zentangle classes, etc., I hope (accreditation is NOT a guarantee, but I'll do my best to make the cut!) and I hope to have permission to cross-link to the official Zentangle sites and definitions, etc.  I'm so pumped!  Do you think my little ATCs capture any of that?
Happy Sunday!


  1. Lovely, lovely! You're going smaller while I'm just starting to go larger (Zentangle tiles, not waistlines, folks;-0) The subtle tint is so perfect, and both these tangles have a wonderful delicate and feminine feel to them.

  2. I love them. I will be at the class with you in a week :)

  3. Ah, as happy as I am for you to be able to take the CZT traing, I am a bit wistful. . . . Maybe someday.

    In any case, I think your tangles are lovely. I especially like the way you colored and shaded the very colorful one.


  4. WOW – they are gorgeous. Both of them.
    Okay, I will make my choice right now… I´d like to have the right one (with the ballerina shoe and the slipper ;-) ).
    OMG – this is thrilling!!! An ATC from a soon-to-be CZT :-o .


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