Thursday, 17 February 2011

Thursday Trick AND Treat

The trick is that somehow a darn cold bug didn't get the message I wasn't accepting deliveries and moved right on in!  *sniff*  Silly thing!  My lovely homeopathic doctor (and good buddy) Ruth has me all doctored up and hopefully I'll be fit again shortly.  Until then, the perpetual sniffling doesn't lend itself to terrific artwork - sorry folks!  On the other hand, I also have a treat.  I RECEIVED some excellent artwork in today's post, which I am delighted to share with you.  The fabulous Phine has sent me her ATC, "Out of the Blue", all the way from Germany!  How cool is that?  It came in a pretty Zentangled envelope and inside it was held protectively to cardstock with a clever swirly punchout and nested carefully in a sleeve of harlequin paper.  I am beyond thrilled!  Have a look - isn't it lovely?
Happy Thursday!


  1. Oh dear,
    I´m so glad my mail arrived safely and you´re enjoying this little ATC ;-) .
    Btw: It´s a very funky feeling seeing ones own work presented this flattering way in somebody elses blog – just wait until I get yours, then you´ll know what I mean *ggg*.
    You´ll take class soon with Maria and Rick… Yes, I admit I AM jealous as I will never get this opportunity. But hey – I hope you´ll write a pretty report of what you will have experienced! Please!
    Hoping you´ll be well pretty soon to enjoy the class to the fullest,

  2. That's very special - what a beautiful treat to have that arrive in the post!!


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