Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Looking Forward to Vacation...

I'm taking a week off "work" (i.e. day job!) to spend looking after my 7 year old niece so her Mom can take a course and (hopefully!) kidnap her husband for a two-day mini-vacation...I'm looking forward to it, despite the exhaustion I can already feel.  My nieceling thinks I'm "Auntie Jungle Gym" and climbs all over, around and about me... I really love it, but it wears you out QUICK!  I'm already dreaming up a number of activities and adventures so I can have a bit of stationary time.  I love working with kids and playing with kids and talking with kids so I'm working hard to be sure I can get a bit ahead at the office so it's less penitential when I return.

After my last post I had a few emails asking about the "eyes" in the tile.  I've drawn these since I was a child and I'm sure there must be a million other individuals who do the same thing, but as I haven't seen instructions formalized anywhere, I thought I'd answer the emails with this:

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Thank you - they look like teddy bear eyes! Have a delightful time with your niece - planning any Zentangling with her?

  2. Thanks for simplifying Ogen! Even a simple pattern makes more sense (to me) after deconstruction! Have fun with your nieceling this week.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I like the Dutch name!

  4. Have a great "vacation" (a change is as good as a rest as my mother always said!)
    I'll have to try Ogen in strings of circles, like beads.

  5. Oh this I like!
    thanks for sharing this new one!


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