Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Summer Start

Well, it's officially summer at last.  One season closer to my favourite! I admit to preferring the damp, dark days of Fall.  On the other hand, the different lights of summer are fun - the bold, sharp blast of mercilessly exposing noon-time sun; the soft, clear, luninous early morning; the dusky, mysterious twilight; the liquid velvet of  night.... One wonderfully intriguing, ever changing aspect of Zentangle is the way you choose to finish each design.  Favourite tangles are often completely different in appearance when shaded in a new way.  Or sometimes you can change it up altogether!  In today's tile I chose not to shade ANY of the tangles.  Instead, I applied shadows to the ribbon dancing through the middle of the tile.  It's different from what I usually do.  Shading the tangles is something I particularly enjoy when tangling.  Somehow, today the ribbon demanded that particular type of attention.  It wasn't until I was done, however, that I suddenly noticed the random swirls I had made with a double pencil for the ribbon had actually been my initial, "C"!  What a happy surprise!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Oh, this IS a happy tangle. I adore the playfulness in the eyes, the twists of the ribbon and the curlicues. Just delightful!

    And isn't it intriguing the way our subconscious mind whispers to us without our realizing it? I often have a tune stuck in my head for some time before I realize that the lyrics are poignantly relevant to the moment.

    Thanks once again for sharing your creativity and insights!

  2. I think the shading is perfect, I like how you did this. I'm never sure about what to shade, I guess there is no right or wrong in what to shade though.

  3. This tile is bursting with wonderful summer joy! I love the ribbon and it looks great being the only thing shaded. How cool to see your initial!

  4. Funny tile, I like the eyes!

  5. Great tile.. love how the ribbon swirls.. very fun.. and summery like... cool to see a C!!

  6. The ribbon is so graceful. Lovely!


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