Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Tangleated Tuesday

Today was a strange sort of day...it tried very hard to be a second Monday (with all the negative connotations associated), but it kept turning into a Tuesday after all!  My new keyboard was defective and for the first time our supplier actually picked up and dropped off as scheduled!  My dreaded rescheduling of an entire clinic day actually found everyone either home or with voicemail to leave a notification!  The clinic even had space available on the day required!  To top it all off I got to spend a fun evening with beading buddies, beading and designing and chatting, and all the while being filled in about the finds and fun a friend had going to her first ever Milwaukee bead adventure...fun!  It's funny how every time I started to sag into a slump, something terrific came up, slapped me, and said "wake up girl!  Life is GOOD!".  I can't say I enjoy being slapped (sorry to disappoint any readers so inclined *G*) but it was a wonderful day of affirmation.  With that in mind, I thought I'd share my little tile of CRESCENT MOON.  For some reason I just felt like drawing CRESCENT MOON, but each time I began a new section it would morph slightly, dancing from one common beginning along divergent paths.  Before I realized it I'd done not only this fun tangle, but a further four tangleations of it!  And how could I be expected to resist the opportunity to create a five-sided PARADOX?  I ask you, how? *G*  Ain't life grand?
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Very nice and crisp!

  2. So many different variations with just one pattern! I like the paradox.

  3. Very cool... love it.. glad the day kept getting better.. not overly fond of the slaps either but.. hey! sometimes it works...lol Have a beautiful day..


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