Thursday, 9 June 2011

All Worked Out

Today I'm sharing a tile I did at work some weeks ago.  On my lunch I've taken to spending at least 15 minutes drawing; it sets me up for a more productive and less frustrating afternoon.  It also relieves the anxiety I start feeling when I realize I have 12 hours work still to do today and only 2 /12 hours in which to do it!  When I took another look at this tile I noticed that is seems bound by grids.  Everything is contained with very minor seed pods extending beyond the string containment.  I seldom seem to use so many grid patterns, too, but here they are in abundance.  Even PRINTEMPS is constrained within the string border...I'm thinkin' this is telling me about my current worklife in terms too clear to ignore!
Happy Thursday!


  1. What a lovely tile! Thank YOU for sharing your day with us...TGIF!!!!

  2. Christina, your 15 minutes must feel like a delightful oasis in your day that's well spent!
    I can see a peep of freedom popping out..lovely!


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