Friday, 22 July 2011

I've Been Pinned!

Wow!  I was just surfing around and guess what?  I've been pinned!  Pinterest is a sort of community bulletin board where people "pin" shots found around the web of things that catch their eye.  While the photo is from the official blog (credited, naturally!) and misidentified as a BELT rather than a CUFF, it's my bead embroidered cuff they show!  And it's been RE-pinned three times!  How exciting to think that people are looking so closely at the Zentangle blog and being so open to the art form expressed in various media...great times we live in, 'eh?

Check it out here.

Also, another initial installment - I present the one done for another friend, BL:

Happy Friday!


  1. Well,very cool!! Congratulations!! I looked in on that site and am very impressed! I am such a novice at all this...had no idea what is out there!

  2. Love your cuff and last zentangle, dear! If you are on Pinterest, check out my lists:

  3. Congratulations! How cool. And the bracelet is absolutely gorgeous. It certainly deserves to be pinned.

  4. Wonderful challenge idea this week! Can't wait to try it!

  5. I love these and I am one of the many who has pinned your work!!! :) I too, am an art teacher and am constantly looking for cool drawings my students will like!


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