Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Totally Tangled Tuesday

Well, today was interesting.  And yes, I do mean, inntttterrrreessstttttinnnnngggg <insert melodramatic actor's drawl here>.  Lots of nonsense at the day job, my poor daughter is suffering with BBBBAAADDDD flu and my class samples are needed before Saturday and I'm still not done two of them.  AAAAAGGGGHHHHH.

Okay, having vented, as a) I haven't had any time to work on this week's challenge (sorry, Laura - it WILL happen!) and b) I'm too swamped to tangle (although I plan on doing a wee bit in my journal to help me slow down at bedtime) I decided to post a fun little tangle I did in December.  I started with a gloriously curvy string and used lots of fun patterns.  I was close to being done when pop!  An eyeball showed up right in the middle!  What do you think of it?
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Hello Inspector Clouseau! Very Interesting indeed. It is so fun when the unexpected creeps into our zentangles.

  2. @Joni LOL - too darn funny, Joni! On reinspection, it DOES have that "private eye" (hehehehe) kinda vibe!

  3. I really like the variety of patterns in this one. To me it looks like a frowning gypsy woman!


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