Thursday, 13 January 2011


The talented Linda Farmer over at has issued a challenge of her own - tangle your name!  You're supposed to use only official Zentangle patterns but I haven't collected any that start with "i" yet, so I'm skating the thin edge, as it were.  However, the tangles I did use I found on her site, will that earn me a pass?  Anyhow, here I am:

C - Cubine
H - Hurry
R - Rain
I - Inapod
S - Sez
T - Tipple
I - Intersection
N - Nzeppel
A - Ahh

What do you think?


  1. Ahh! Such fun, Your tangled name has turned out fabulous!

  2. This gives "you have a beautiful name" a whole new meaning! I love your choice of tangles and the way you have worked them all together! Very Beautiful!

  3. @Joni Thank you, Joni. I'm pretty happy with the name - it belonged to my Nana and I value it highly. In fact, I gave it to my daughter for Nana's sake (not mine!) without even thinking about the mail mixups we've had to deal with....*sigh* *giggle*

  4. Your name came out beautifully. I thought this was a really hard challenge, but fun!

  5. You had quite a long name to tangle, but you did it beautifully! Looking forward to trying this challenge.


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