Saturday, 22 January 2011

Another Week Gone By

Wow - what a crazy busy week!  Soon to relocate at work (day job) and today was registration where I teach beading.  A bit too much stimulation, all told, but hey - I can take it! *G*

Today I'm going to share a peek at the very first Zentangle done by a friend of mine, Tiena H.  She had heard my friends and I discussing Zentangles and received a gift of art supplies for Christmas with a Zentangle intention.  Whether she realized it or not, I forgot to ask, but she fit the challenge for Orbs!  This is her virgin Zentangle, with the technique figured out totally on her own, and I think it rocks!  Got a few good words for me to pass on to her?
I would also like to thank everyone for their wonderful encouragement and generous comments.  You make my day EVERY day! 

Happy Saturday!


  1. The first one, huh? Very special!! Love those little dancing stars....

    Isn't it wonderful that with or without any instruction, we all have such different styles - all beautiful and personal.

  2. Lovely!! Tell her to keep it up and check our all the blogs for inspiration.

  3. A wonderful first tile! She´s got it…
    Love the flow of the stripes. They seem to nourish the tree.

  4. @arts4all I agree - it's wonderful to find Zentangle so accessible and achievable, too!

  5. @Julie (Okami) Thank you, Julie! I certainly will pass on your message.

  6. @Phine I agree, Phine. I think Tiena has a great, natural eye for this.


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