Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The Evening That Wasn't

Well, I drove out to my friend's (gorgeous!) bead store to teach a class tonight, only to discover my students couldn't get there!  Between weather, babysitters, etc., it just wasn't meant to be...*sigh*.  I was really looking forward to this one.

Possibly it's just as well as I'm beginning to think I'm fighting a stomach bug (the kind that leaves you feeling like your tummy is bruised - funny, I don't recall being kicked by a mule last week....).

Anyhow, I'm off to bed early to fight it off and so I'll upload a pic of a tangle I finished some time ago.  I did this one as a study in different line widths, etc.  It was very intimidating when I started - those heavy lines were something else and how on earth could a tangle stand up to that kind of weight? - but it was surprising fun to do.  Once again, add the shading and bingo!  It came right to life.

Or so I think.  Do you?

Happy Wednesday!


  1. lovely - i really like all the wide lines

  2. Shading is always fun to do – and what seemed to be nothing more but mediocre comes to life and beauty. This is a perfect example ;-) !

  3. *sighs with you* I really hate when I miss my creative classes too!

    Wow, it doesn't look like you were intimidated! ;) Hm.. I think I have another challenge to take on! :D

    Get well soon!


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