Sunday, 23 January 2011

Life's a Frill !

I started to say "thrill", then had a second look at the image I am posting today and realized that Life Is A FRILL (*wink*). 

I had a fabulous day today - my buddy owns the best bead shop in the world and I spent the day teaching interesting, fun people to do Viking Knit with fine wire; a day of good company, surrounded by beads and creativity - yahoo!  Another buddy was sweet to note my loss of voice in the morning and managed to restore it in time for the first class.  She then had me over this evening for tea and doctoring (Ruth is not only a gifted artist but a Homeopathic Practitioner as well - check her out at and I think I may actually be able to get to the office in the AM.  Don't I have the best of friends?

We did some Zentangling this evening as well and I'm going to post a drawing I finished last fall.  It's not in my regular Zentangle journal, it's in a little square orange journal Ruth gifted to me last Christmas and I reserve for my "experimentation".  If I'm not sure of a new technique or how something will work, I like to test it out privately and see how it works for me before adding it to a known repertoire or body of work.  I had just begun to loosen up with my Zentangle patterns and shading.  I'm pretty happy with the tactile / textile effect of the patterns and the looping (again! - no giggles, Shelly!) string.  What do you think of the balance?
Happy Sunday!


  1. Sorry...giggled!
    Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep, but found 6 crooks! Beautifully balanced, I especially like the roundness at the bottom. Fun!

  2. I love those little shepherd crooks too!! The balance between angular and curvy shapes is just right to my eye. This tile is definitely one I'll study for inspiration.....

  3. Gee, thanks guys! I was trying to be mindful of the balance with positive / negative space and complex / simple patterns. It helped me get more into "the zone" and fade into the artwork...

  4. WOW!!
    This is wonderfully done!!!
    And, by the way, if you want an ATC, just write me on my Flickr Mail and choose the one you want. I'll send it ASAP! :))


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