Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

I am having an amazing night!  Ruth's tangle ORGANZA got a mention on Linda Farmer's site,!  Whoo hoo!  You go, girl!  How exciting!

As if that's not enough to get the endorphins racing through the bloodstream, I got home from work today to find Sandra LaFaut's beautiful "Bluebird" had arrived in the post!  Oh my goodness, I haven't words to describe this treasure - the tangles, the watercolour, the composition - there is NOTHING about it that I don't LOVE.  I will be studying and admiring and basking in its beauty for hours and hours and hours....  Isn't Sandra a marvellous artist?  And such a generous, kind soul, too; what an unbeatable combination!  Here's the art card itself; isn't is just FABULOUS?

During my CZT training seminar I was introduced to the fabulous Inktense pencils and their possibilities.  Well, I finally got some and have tried a couple of small trials to see how they work and how I may want to use them with Zentangle.

First I tried a watercolour paper postcard, and applied the inks in a scrumble type of technique. After the paper was thoroughly dry I used my Sakura Pigma Micron to tangle.

For the Zentangle tile, I reversed the process of application and first tangled, then inked.

You know, these pencils are astounding!  The colour is brilliantly intense and deliciously saturated and there is no build-up (that I can see) on the pen nib.  The pen is as profoundly black as ever without any bleeding.  I can recommend them highly as a fun item to add to your tool box of art supplies.

Hasn't this been a wonderful day?

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Ooooh, you lucky thing. I love that bluebird :D And I agree, I love the inktense watercolor pencils. I just have a hard time using watercolor pencils for some reason.

    Or, perhaps, 8 reasons. *looks at her cats*

    Glad to hear they work well with the micron pens :D Love the way the colors worked on the second one :D

  2. I haven't been brave enough to jump into color or even shading yet....BEAUTIFUL BIRD!

  3. Aw, gee thanks!
    I'll have to check out those pencils sometime. They sound good. Your tangles using them are beautiful! I'll still loving that mooka.

  4. Wow that bluebird is gorgeous.. lucky you.. would make my day too to have that to look at...
    Haven't heard of these pencils.. but the pieces you did with them look gorgeous.. good to know that they work good with the pens... have a lovely thursday!

  5. They are all beautiful! Love the birdie!

  6. Once again, thanks for the informative blog! I love the website with all the info/patterns, etc. And...what a beautiful bluebird!! I had not heard of these pencils either so will need to check them out!

  7. Yes, that bluebird is a lovely image! Must look for Inktense pencils, but I think they're quite pricey here.

  8. Beautiful drawings! Makes me want to get over to my drawing desk right now!
    Thanks so much for the share.

  9. Thank you again for your blog. Love to read it. And as always is the art Art! When I google Inktense I got pencils from Derwent pencils. Are they the ones?


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