Thursday, 14 April 2011

One More Day To Go!

Isn't it great to think that there's only one more day-job day to go then the weekend is here?  It's so funny.  As little kids every day is exciting and new and here we are, "all grown up" (I'll admit to the statement being more than a little suspect as applied to me!), and we wish our lives away?  Zentangle has really brought back to me that sense of delicious anticipation.  I've been beading since I was 10 and, believe or not, I have two degrees in dance, yet somehow the zone had retreated from me.  Then Zentangle occurred!  Well - what a wonder!  Once again I have a metaphysical place I can go where there is no demand greater than the moment, no moment beyond the one I'm in... Ahhhhhhhh - it's like the perfect bubble bath: plenty of water that never gets cold! *G*  As I lift my pencil the dream begins.  The pen is next and it opens the door into that lovely suspension of time and need and plan and decision...  I do love my zen-zone!  Kit mentioned that she liked my turn of phrase - "zen of the pen".  I think I'll keep using it; it really does describe the place I go to make this art.
Happy Thursday!


  1. I think your "Zen of the Pen" was absolutely inspired!! When I learned Chinese Brush Painting and about Chinese calligraphy, I learned about Shodo - the Way of Writing. They say it is the "expression of the calligrapher's inner truth in the shape of letters, each of which is a product of extreme spiritual concentration." Sound familiar?!! =) Perhaps what we do is Pendo? [smiles]

  2. you have to buy the kit to get the squares...I just use a blank journal...what size tip is your favorite?

  3. Very beautiful! It looks to me like a butterfly ready to take flight.


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