Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Tuesday Twist

I really enjoyed Laura's challenge this week.  I really had fun responding to it.  I picked up my little journal to flip through and it soon became apparent (duh!) that I there was a basis for my enjoyment - it seems I nearly ALWAYS use curves!  A little swing here, a bit of a twist there...  So I started hunting down the straight lines I've used in my work and you know what?  There are hardly any!  Well, that won't do!  After all, fair is fair and all good lines deserve a chance to play.  I actually CAN draw a straight line (in grade school a mean child named Simon took a ruler to check a line I drew and insisted it was TOO straight and that I had cheated and used a ruler - even though he'd seen me draw it!).  I mean I can draw a really, really TRULY straight line! *G*  So, I thought I'd go back to the previous straight-line challenge.  Then I thought, no, I'd just go with the flow and let the straight lines be in my mind while I worked (do you see a certain waffling theme here?).  So, long story short, this is what happened:
I'm thinking that perhaps I should make more of an effort to use straight lines!  They really didn't show up in this ZIA excepting as an inner element and I really DID intend to use more of them....  Oh well.  There's always tomorrow! *G*

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Wonderful way to twist, turn and then go straight....dance steps around the page!

  2. This is lovely!

    If you want to practice your straight lines, try shading with them like I do. It can be a zen thing of it's own!

  3. "Dance steps around the page" - yes... the tangle looks like party paraphanalia to me! :)
    You must have been listening to some nice music!

  4. So very interesting and unusual...and very pretty.
    And curvy!!!!


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