Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Brrrrrrrr !

We are "enjoying" (*eye roll*) a late winter blizzard here in balmy southern Ontario.  The show started last night and has continued relentlessly since.  I live on a place that Lake Ontario curls around so we get lake effect snow when others get only a sprinkle.  As a result, those living in our so-called ski belt further north have little if any snow, while here it's knee deep and still collecting!  It's really gorgeous, heavy, packing snow, too - the branches are  bowed over and thoroughly covered.  The screens in the windows are filling, too.  Once it stops I think every kid on the block will be back to rebuild their late, lamented snowmen and forts.  I'm tucked up in my lovely, warm chair with a fire roasting beside me.  This is the Zentangle that flowed from my pen this cozy evening:
Do you think that maybe I'm wishing it were Spring? Heheheee....
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Wow,interesting things inside and outside the window!

  2. Yes, I definately can see that you are dreaming of spring in this zentangle!
    But what better way to spend a snowy day, than sitting beside a crackling fire and zentangling? :)

  3. Adorably zanny!
    We are heading into winter and it's pouring with rain, I am off to light the fire!!

  4. Such simplicity! Very nice! I appreciate the sentiment about it flowing from your pen - that seems to be the case when everything is going right. It flows out from within. Those are the most fun. It's almost like being surprised with what shows up. Spectators to our own work.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment on all those patterns.

  5. OOO! I love this one! I need to work on leaving more open space. You've done it here and maintained perfect balance and harmony!

  6. Looks perfect.. and very springy.. love it..was a good week.. the blizzard missed enjoy your fire and your weekend..


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